Quick Facts

Number of Academic Staff : 1,874
International Academic Staff : 109
Inbound Visiting Academic Staff : 132
Outbound Visiting Academic Staff : 88

Number of Undergraduate Student : 15,232
International Undergraduate Student : 699
Inbound Exchange Undergraduate Student : 28
Outbound Exchange Undergraduate Student : 1,330
Average International Undergraduate Fees : RM5,462
Average Domestic Undergraduate Fees : RM1,942
Average Undergraduate Class size : 30

Number of Graduate /Postgraduate Student : 6,239
International graduate Student : 1,895
Inbound Exchange Postgraduate Student : 33
Outbound Exchange Postgraduate Student : 32
Average International Graduate /Postgraduate Fees : RM6,538
Average Domestic Graduate/Postgraduate Fees : RM2,835
Average Taught Graduate/Postgraduate Class size : 25

Total Students : 21,471
Total International Students : 2,594
Total Outbound Exchange Students : 1,362
Total Inbound Exchange Students : 61
Average International Student Fees : RM 5749, 80
Average Domestic Student Fees : RM 2389, 85
Average Class Size : 28

Proportion of Graduates Pursuing Further Study : 19.5%
Proportion of Graduates Employed : 80.7%
Number of PhDs Awarded : 519

Number of Papers : 2,850
Number of Citations : 6,640

--July 2010--

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Assalamu'alaikum and  Warm Greetings
Welcome to my website


It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to my website. Blessing all of you a good health, cheerful, happiness and rahmat from the almighty Allah swt.

This web page will provide to you  information about  the application for official visit to abroad for UTM staff  some of my Key Amal Indicators (KAIs), Projects and responsibilities,  guidelines, circulars, and etc.

We would like to thank you if you could provide us an ideas, suggestions, comments, creativity and innovations to improve and enhance our services from time to time.

Please visit my office website at this URL: http://wwww.utm.my/vicechancellor/
  • To seek the information and status about the application for official visit abroad for UTM staff please Click Here! (before 2011)
  • (1) Oversea Travel Request System (e-boarding) for official abroad for UTM Staff   (completed, Oct. 2011) https://hrfin.utm.my/smuhr/
  • (2) Oversea Travel Request System (e-boarding) non official visit abroad for UTM Staff - Online System (completed, Oct. 2011) https://hrfin.utm.my/smuhr/
  • (3) Electronic Management System - EMS, Co-Coordinator with Registrar's Office (on-going) (Jan, 2012)
  • (4) E-SSD - Sistem Surat Dalaman UTM) - (Proposal, Jan 2012)
  • (5) Special  Project - e-admin (Proposal, Jan 2012)

Thank you.

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Acting Deputy Registrar
Office of the Vice Chancellor

Email: brbaha@utm.my
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Philosophy of UTM

The divine law of Allah is the foundation for science and technology. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia strives with total and unified effort to develop excellence in science and technology for universal peace and prosperity, in according with His Will.


To be recognised as a world-class centre of academic and technological excellence


To be a leader in the development of human capital and innovative technologies that will contribute to the nation's wealth creation


In the name of God for Mankind

Brief History

UTM is a leading innovation-driven research-intensive university in science and technology located both in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia with a student population of more than 9,100 postgraduates and 13,800 undergraduates including more than 3,300 international students. It is renowned for being at the forefront of engineering and technological knowledge and expertise with more than 2,200 PhD students enrolled in science and technology research programmes. UTM has established a reputation for innovative education and leading-edge research contributing significantly to intellectual property generation for the nation. UTM is also actively involved in research collaboration with renowned universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Imperial College, Stanford Research Institute, Kyoto and Tokyo, to name a few. The university offers a wide range of Executive Education programmes from industrial doctorate (Eng. D.) up to market-driven diploma courses.